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Ten years ago, you could walk into a conference with an unrehearsed bulleted Times New Roman PowerPoint deck and win “Speaker of the Year.”

Now, your audience expects a tight, perfectly crafted narrative, visceral storytelling, breathtaking graphics, and effortless delivery.

And that seems like an impossible standard! You already have a full-time job. Becoming a better public speaker isn’t it.

But, here’s the thing:

  • If you’re a scientist, giving the best lecture at your annual conference can be the difference between millions of dollars in funding and staying up late to write another research grant, again.

  • If you’re a politician, making simple but powerful tweaks to your campaign speeches can be the difference between a seat on the City Council and unemployment.

  • If you’re a businessperson, wrapping your sales pitch in a compelling narrative can change your quarterly numbers, and therefore your bonus, and therefore your family vacation to Mykonos.

Whatever the case may be - I’m here to help.

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About Me


Alright, let me properly introduce myself. I’m Helena Bowen, pronounced HELL-in-uh, like “Damn, that girl can write a HELL of a good speech.”

I’m a professional speaker coach and I specialize in TED-style speaking.

My background is in entertainment. At HBO, I worked on dozens of shows including Game of Thrones, Paterno, Fahrenheit 451, The Wizard of Lies, and The Knick. Before that, I was an Assistant Director in Hollywood. I’m a lifelong moviegoer. I’m Seth Rogen’s second biggest fan. And I’ll continue to use MoviePass even if it kills me.

I believe that storytelling is the best way to trick your audience into joining a pyramid scheme to lead, inspire, and persuade. And I believe that most keynote speeches, business pitches, corporate presentations, and talks are boring. We can do better.

  • The 100+ TEDx Talks I’ve produced have over 47 million views.

  • They’ve been translated into 35 different languages.

  • 12 were featured on the front page of TED.com.

  • 3 were featured on TEDRadioHour.

  • They’ve launched careers, sold book deals, & attracted investors.

In short – I have a keen eye for content. And I can prepare an amateur speaker for the world stage.

Do you want to work with me?

Great, I want to work with you too.


Private Coaching


Want the best results, fast? Let’s work one-on-one.

I conduct private coaching remotely via phone, email, text, and Google Hangouts / Facetime. Of the 100+ Speakers I've worked with, I've lived in the same city as... none of them. 47 million views later and I can say with confidence that yes, remote coaching works! Plus, it's more convenient for you & your busy schedule.

Pricing upon request.


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Group Workshops


Group Workshops are perfect for businesses, corporations, and universities.

  • They’re time & cost efficient (which is an unsexy thing to say, but true). I don’t have to teach each person the same concept individually.

  • Participants will learn from each other. When people work in isolation, that doesn’t happen.

  • When your procrastinators watch others succeed, it’ll light a fire under their ass like no semi-threatening email could.

  • And, they’re a lot of fun. Speakers walk away from each workshop eager to improve their talk and hyped for your event.

Want to work on your message, structure & throughline, drafting, storytelling, editing, slides, memorization, delivery, some whacky combination of the above, or something totally off-menu? I’ve got you!

We can do a half day, full day, weekend, weekends plural - it all depends on your budget & your needs. Prices vary depending on your location. I’m based in Los Angeles but I’m very good at finding cheap plane tickets (it’s a secret talent of mine).

Pricing upon request.


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Want to work with me?


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